Our Objective

The Shuck Truck offers you something different with a delicious fresh menu focusing on sustainable Australian oysters and seafood. Our chef uses modern and innovative preparation methods to bring you new and exciting ways to enjoy your seafood experience.

The Shuck Truck is an innovation of Rockin’ Oysters director James Wood. Located on New South Wales’ pristine mid-north coast at Camden Haven. Rockin’ Oysters has farmed oysters since 2009 and through improved farming techniques has refined production of the Sydney Rock Oyster, creating a high quality and more full-bodied product. In 2014, Rockin’ Oysters won Brisbane’s prestigious, Green Beacon Perfect Beer Match Award and is also a supplier to the elite Signature Oysters.

James offers Sydney-siders a true farm-to-fork experience with an emphases on locally harvested oysters and sustainable seafood. James has also connected with local farmers incorporating produce into the menu – you can be assured that you’re getting the best and the freshest.

As well as Rockin’ Oysters, other local fresh high quality seafood is sourced to expand the menu and to ensure customers are aware of The Shuck Truck’s specialities. A dry shucking bay is installed as part of the design of the truck to show customers the process of preparing the oysters and guaranteed freshness of product.

Did you know oyster farming has a positive effect on the environment and filter-feeding oysters improves the local water quality. Our concerns towards overfishing and the impact on our oceans prioritises our decisions on selecting partner suppliers and we only partner with those utilising sustainable practices.

The Shuck Truck supports local and organic produce for both seafood and locally grown fruit and vegetable accompaniments. Where possible fair-trade products are sourced to compliment the sustainable foods provided.